When people go on vacation using their own vehicle to get to their destination, part of the excitement is with the surroundings around them before getting to where they want to go.  Having a dash cam installed in your car is the easiest way to capture all the fun moments while reaching your destination.

Before we would simply just take photos out the window of the car but now with technology we can capture a whole lot more.  When Go Pros became popular people were using these to capture footage from inside of the car.  But they became less practical because there was no permanent fixture to mount them.  With a dash cam you can install those permanently in your car and you can have both front facing video and rear video as well.

And dash cams of today are quite advanced and have HP resolution.  Most dash cams nowadays com in 1080 P resolution.  Some of the better dash cams we’ll even have 1080 P resolution for the rear camera but these are only for the more expensive models.

You can also have in car footage taken at the same time while the front video is being recorded.  This is great because it can capture all the passengers in the car and how they react to the scenery ahead.  Most good dash cams will also include audio so you can also hear what is going on.

You can then upload your road trip to Youtube and show the footage to all your friends and family.